‘LIRA HOMES’ name for the classic and prestigious collections of Italian Origin! ‘Lira’ simply derives from the currency used in the past for more than a century in Italy. Since 1991, LIRA HOMES is very proud to have kept such precious symbol of Origin by faithfully maintaining the believe in its unique and stylish home/office furniture. A very artistic Baroque style is used to exaggerate and amplify the dainty details in the eye of royalty. Using high quality materials, we personalise to the needs of beautifying your homes. We are the only company located in the east with such wide, luxurious and affordable collections.

It‘s authenticity (100% imported directly from Italy) made them the most outstanding in their craftsmanship from the best selections of their very well known and professional experienced artisan!

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Most products are provided with the companies’ trade mark as proof of authenticity. And attachment of tradition, careful researches of the materials’ quality and attention to detail in manufacturing and in its finishing.

Carvings, inlays, gold & silver leaf decorations are made by hand by real master craftsmen.




Inspired by a refined used of capitonne, no longer the exclusive preserve of sofas and beds, it has become a decorative feature traceable throughout the entire collection. The insightful use of capitonne as a decorative pattern interconnecting all the features showcases individual detail to the best effect, whether in the case of embellishments or innovative and technologically forward finishes.